Below you will find the proposed itinerary, which is subject to change.

New for 2022: all vehicles are required to have an FRS or GMRS radio.

Since CB radio is so incredibly pathetic and not everyone is familiar with ham radio, we are joining with the majority of 4WD clubs and formally moving away from CB. Both FRS and GMRS radios are acceptable and many brands are available.

ExpoCMCC – 4 Days/3 Nights from 7/13/22 through 7/16/22 exploring Bald Eagle State Forest.

NOTE: More than a few of the unmaintained trails you will tour can cause considerable pin-striping and can also cause minimal damage if close attention is not paid.

Morning departure times are firm.

Day 1-7/13/22: Meet at Walmart parking lot in Lewisburg Pa and be ready to depart at 10:00 am sharp. Below is the tentative route.

Coopermill Rd-N
Spruce Run Rd-E
Running Gap Rd-N
White Deer Creek Rd-N
White Deer Pike-E
Mile Run Rd-N
Red Tongue Trail-W
Pine Flat-W
Old Tea Spring Rd-W
at end head south turning left
CooperMill Rd
then Duncan Trail-W
Garden Hollow Rd-S
White Deer Creek-W
McCall Damn Rd-N
Engle Rd-S
Tunis Rd-W
Rt 447-N to Hall Mountain Group site

Day 2 – 7/14/22: Heading back to camp mid-day will be optional for those that choose to as it will be a very long day of touring the forest.

Rt 192-E
Stover Gap Rd-S
Pine Creek Rd-E
Jones Mnt Rd-E
Brandon Rd-S
Old Shingle Rd-W
Negro Hollow Trail-W
Stoney Run Rd-E
Rt 45-W
Paddy Mnt Rd-S
Paddy Mnt Forestry Rd-W
Cherry Run-S
Winter Rd-E
White Mnt Rd-S
Weikert Rd-W
Hoofnagle Rd-S
Hunter Rd-W
Red Ridge Rd-S
Knob Ridge Rd-E
Swift Run Rd-E
Short Mnt Rd-N
Weikert Rd-N
Hunter Rd-E
Henstep Valley Trail-N
Rt 235-N
Stoney Run Rd-N
Stover Gap Rd-N
Rt 192-W
Back to Hall Mountain Camp

Day 3 –  7/15/22: Nice short day taking in attractions at Poe Paddy 

Rt 192-W
Rt 445-S
Rt 45-E
Woodward Gap Rd-S
Rupp Hollow Rd-W
Cherry Run Rd-S
Winter Rd-E
White Mnt Rd-S
Weikert Run Rd-W
Longwell Draft Rd-W
Strong Mnt Rd-N
Havice Valley Rd-E
to Poe Paddy St Park
Poe Paddy Drive-N
Pine Swamp Rd-W
SM Pike-N
Make our way back to Hall Mountain Camp via state highways for an early return.

Day 4 – 7/16/22
Wake up, have breakfast, break camp, and head back to CMCC for the BBQ/raffle via shortest routes possible.


If you want to sign up for ExpoCMCC and have not yet registered for CMCC read our info page or click here to register for CMCC first. When your CMCC registration is complete, return to this page and enter the email address you used for your CMCC registration in the form below to sign up for ExpoCMCC.

Note: Currently we are limited to 7 trucks (plus the group leader). If there is sufficient demand and available staffing we will consider adding additional capacity. Please email us if there are no slots available for the ride and we will add you to our waitlist.