July 11 – 14, 2018

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New for 2018!!

ExpoCMCC – A three day, two night “overland” style trip to explore the back roads of central Pennsylvania, the gravel roads and drivable trails of the Bald Eagle State Forest (BESF) and the charms and sites of the small towns along the way.

We are proud to be supporting the American Camp Association with a portion of the proceeds of this years raffle. The goal of the organization is to help provide outdoor and camp experiences to kids who would not have the opportunity otherwise. Please help us support this great organization!


The Coal Mine Cruiser Classic (CMCC) is an off-road event hosted by the Gotham City Land Cruisers, LLC (GCLC). This annual gathering originated in 1999 and helped to get the GCLC off the ground. In its first year CMCC hosted fewer than 20 vehicles. Since then it has become one of the largest club-organized gatherings on the East Coast. Recent events have seen over 80 vehicles with 120 plus participants. The event has always been family oriented and kid friendly. Many folks bring their entire family along.
Note that drivers must be a member of TLCA to attend. Please see the TCLA website for details.


This four-day event with wheeling for every skill level will be held July 11-14, 2018.


CMCC 2018 will be based at the common area at Twin Grove Campground. This venue is about a 20 minute drive (13 miles) from Rausch Creek. The facilities at Twin Grove are fantastic and the folks that run it are great. It is very kid friendly.

Off road trails are at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, the premier off-road park of the North East, located in the heart of the central PA coal district, featuring over 3,000 acres of widely varied terrain offering everything from rugged dirt roads to extreme hardcore rock gardens. Rausch Creek has trails of all difficulty levels to accommodate drivers and vehicles of all levels from beginner through intermediate to hardcore. Obstacles you can expect to encounter at Rausch Creek include hill climbs, mud holes, off camber trails, and some of the most intense rock crawling offered on the East Coast.

We are also offering a side trip to AOAA (Antrhacite) this year for people registered for CMCC on a limited first come/first served basis.

Vehicle Inspections

Please read our Trail Ride Safety and Equipment Checklist.
All vehicles will be inspected before hitting the trails.
All vehicles MUST have a CMCC inspection sticker to participate in the event.
This is a TLCA and GCLC requirement.

Registration Fees

Please note that all CMCC registration fees must be paid in advance via PayPal. We no longer accept any other form of payment for registration. Walk-in registrants/on-site payments will not be accommodated.

Registration for CMCC 2018 is $65. This includes: one dinner, one event shirt, one driver’s swag bag. See the event registration form for additional/a la carte costs.

Wheeling Fees for Rausch Creek and AOAA

Rausch Creek fees and waivers are handled by Rausch Creek staff at the park. The cost is $50 per vehicle per day which covers the vehicle and driver. Passengers 16 and older are $10 per day. An additional $20 yearly renewable membership fee is also required by the park for the driver.
Rausch Creek requires waivers for all drivers and passengers. Children age 15 and younger are free, but require a separate waiver. Please visit the event links page for the required forms or the Rausch Creek website.

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Park fees and waivers are handled by AOAA staff at the park. The cost is $30 per vehicle per day which covers the vehicle and driver. Passengers 17 and older are $15 per day.
AOAA requires waivers for all drivers and passengers. Please visit the AOAA website for more information, waivers, and trail descriptions.


Please note that CMCC event attendees have a separate entrance to Twin Grove Campground which takes you into the primitive camping area. Please see our map.

There are all levels of camping at Twin Grove, from primitive tent sites, to cabin rentals with private baths. Plenty of RV sites are available with water and electric hookups. Cabins go fast, so if you’re interested in one, do not delay in making a reservation. Tent Camping at Twin Grove Campground in the CMCC common area is $10 per night for Adults, $5 per night for Children under 13. There is plenty of room for trailers, tow vehicles, etc. Bathroom facilities are next to the common camping area with showers, restrooms, and laundry facilities. Campers staying at the common area do not need to make reservations with the campground, but campsites are available on a first come, first served basis. All others should call Twin Grove Campground at 717-865-4602. Reservations can also be made online through their website. Note: No adult beverages are allowed to be brought into Twin Grove Campground. However, adult beverages can be purchased on site. Other accommodations are available in the area. See the links below for details.

Swap Meet

For anyone planning on attending who needs to buy/sell/trade stuff. Click HERE to access the thread on MUD where you can casually arrange meeting up for the deal.


  • Event check-in will take place at the Rausch Creek Off-road Park daily at 8 AM at the CMCC check-in table. Your registration packet will include whatever items you pre-paid for on your CMCC registration form. Additional meals and other items will be available for purchase on site.
  • Line up directions for the staging area will be given at the check-in table. Trucks will be separated into groups, each based on trail difficulty.
  • Drivers and passengers must register and pay the associated Rausch Creek park fees and will receive wrist bands and windshield stickers for that day. Stickers must be displayed and wristbands must be worn while on Rausch Creek property.
  • A driver meeting will be held each morning at 9am sharp and attendance is mandatory.
  • Saturday night is the awesome BBQ dinner catered by BLAZING SWINE BBQ at Twin Grove, followed by the CMCC raffle. Dinner starts promptly at 5:30 pm.


Participants who attend CMCC come from all walks of life and are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We have hosted families from MD, NY, MA, CT, VA, PA, NH, VT, OH, CO, KS, NJ, and Canada. You will meet business executives, NASA scientists; college students, computer programmers, filmmakers, engineers, and, we are honored to say, a number of police officers, firefighters and EMT personnel.

We do our best to accommodate every level of driver/vehicle and to limit the number of trucks in a group. If you encounter an obstacle on the trail that you are not comfortable with there are often bypasses available. Please speak to your trail leader.

If you think your day of trails was too difficult or not difficult enough you can switch to any group you wish.

CMCC 2018 will be bigger and better than ever! With everything the event has to offer we are confident you’ll enjoy your experience both on and off the trail.


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CMCC is a family oriented event and all attendees are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.
No person shall be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substances that may hinder thinking ability or reaction time on any CMCC managed trail ride.
No illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms or weapons are allowed on any CMCC managed trail ride.
An authorized agent of the GCLC may disqualify any vehicle/participant at any time for safety reasons.

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