Dave’s Place is a twice yearly free event open to current GCLC members, Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. General info is below but be sure to read the requirements for attendance in bold.

Dave is a charter member of the GCLC and lives outside of Windham, NY. The trail network that he and his dad built cover about 2/3rds of his 100+ acre property. Trails range from a “leisurely drive” in the woods to “let’s go break something”. Sort of like a very mini Paragon or Rausch Creek.

There is a large grassy field for camping, hanging out, eating to excess, and falling asleep under the stars. GCLC will order Porta-Potties and we’re asking all attendees for a $20 bill to offset the cost.

  • Money is tight, so we’re asking for a $20 bill from all attendees to offset the cost of the porta potties. 
  • Please read the GCLC Trail Ride Safety and Equipment Checklist. It will be enforced.
  • You will receive links to both an online GCLC waiver and Dave’s hardcopy waiver by email about 1 week prior, which must be printed, signed, and brought to the gathering by all attendees. It will be collected on site by a GCLC officer.
  • There are NO OTHER SERVICES available on site so bring what you need and pack out what you pack in. 

There is a supermarket and fuel available in the next town, as well as places for breakfast and dinner so you don’t have to go nuts unless that’s how you roll. However, since we are a “food club with a Land Cruiser problem” we have been having gourmet Iron Chef cook-outs over open wood fires that have been ridiculous. Many of us bring portable grills as well, so bring what you like to eat. We share everything and we’ll keep a list of who’s bringing what.

The schedule is whatever you want it to be. Come and go as you please as long as you are respectful of his property, his neighbors, and his home. He has invited GCLC members up from Friday evening through Monday.

This is a very low key “non-event” in a very relaxed and scenic environment. It is terrific for kids both young and old. Many of us have had our first off road experience at Dave’s and we encourage you to bring kids and families.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the weekend and get on the list.

Due to the size of the property we are forced to limit attendance to the first 20 trucks.

Please do not post or forward these directions anywhere or to anyone. It is his home and his private property.