Two day Bald Eagle State Forest Expedition!

New for CMCC2018 is a three day, two night “overland” style trip to explore the back roads of central Pennsylvania, the gravel roads and drivable trails of the Bald Eagle State Forest (BESF) and the charms and sites of the small towns along the way.
Bald Eagle State Forest

This trip is suitable for any stock 4×4 vehicle and will be family friendly. There are no additional CMCC registration fees for this trip. Participants are responsible for all of their own expenses that may be incurred along the way.

We’ll travel somewhere around 100-120 miles from Rausch to the forest on Thursday, the loop inside the forest will be somewhere around 50 miles on Friday, and then probably a bit more direct trip back to RC on Saturday. So all told 300 miles is a good ballpark.

Also note that this is RURAL, not REMOTE. So refueling along the way would be no problem. There aren’t any Super Walmarts on the route, but at least a handful of gas stations!

Here is a trip report from someone on Expo that traveled this region and explored many of the same areas we will be going. This will give you a good idea of what to expect!
Return to Bald Eagle

Rough itinerary is as follows:

Thursday July 12
Meet at 8am at the Rausch Creek staging area in time for the 9am CMCC driver’s meeting. We will have a quick meet and greet and then depart for a scenic 2-3 hour drive on back roads and gravel into the BESF.     

Lunch stop along the way and explore a few drivable trails inside the forest before reaching campsite for the evening. We will stay in a primitive campsite with picnic table and fire ring only and likely no cell coverage. 

Cookout for dinner and stories around the campfire.  

Friday July 13
We will embark on a nice scenic loop through the forest including a stop at the Poe Paddy Tunnel and Poe Valley State Park where we can do some swimming and fishing and let the kids run around the playground.
Poe Paddy Tunnel
Poe Valley State Park

Our route in the afternoon will take us into Millheim, PA for dinner at the awesome Elk Creek Cafe and Alehouse.
Elk Creek Cafe

Camping that evening will be in another primitive group site.  

Saturday July 14
Breakfast at camp and a leisurely ramble back to Twin Grove in time for the CMCC catered dinner and raffle. (Anyone wishing to wheel at RC can get up early Saturday morning and hit the highway and be back to Rausch in 1.5hr)

Vehicle and participant requirements

CMCC registration (including waivers and vehicle inspection requirements), properly working 4wd vehicle, working CB radio, camping gear and a positive attitude!
You will need to be fully self-sufficient – nothing will be provided for you – no water, bathrooms, grills, shelters etc.
There will no cell service at campsites. We will have opportunity to fuel up along the route. There will be some small gas stations and convenience stores for provisioning, but no real grocery options so come prepared with your camp meals ahead of time.  


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[Currently we are limited to one group of 8 trucks. If there is sufficient demand and available staffing we will consider adding additional capacity. Please email us if the registration form is unavailable and we will add you to our waitlist.]